About Us

Fragrances For Life is a company dedicated to creating fragrances and products that connect to our emotions, life styles, and personalities.  

We are a small family-owned business that recognizes women's fragrances express far more than their sexuality.  We believe fragrances are an extension of our personalities. Emotions, attitudes, feelings, and moods are all reflected in our scent. We want our customers to enjoy our products and celebrate the life they live!

Inspired By Real Women, For Real Women

We sit down with real women that we think can inspire and relate to others, then model our fragrances with their inspiration in mind. During this process we get to know their personalities, emotions, memories, likes, dislikes, careers, daily routines, etc. We then match all of the characteristics we can to several scents known to correlate to that characteristic. For example, the feeling of relaxation has been closely associated with the scents of lavender and pine. If we were developing a fragrance that was inspired by a fairly relaxed person, then we would try to incorporate lavender and/or pine in the the fragrance. We are not claiming that it's an exact science, but it's an amazing process that results in a much more personal and emotional fragrance experience.

Quality Name Brand With A Social Conscience

We're passionate about giving back to the communities and people who support and inspire us. We run several awareness campaigns that result in either a set dollar amount or percent of sales that we donate to helpful causes. We perform ZERO animal testing on any of our products, and all of our products are chemical, Paraben, and dye free.

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