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Lala Eau De Parfum Sample

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Made from ORGANIC Essential Oils, Lala's perfect balance of Fruity & Floral ingredients carefully selected by our perfumers ensures an amazingly long lasting signature scent without animal testing, exposing your skin to harmful chemicals, metals, preservatives, or dyes. Our special formula locks in the scent and leaves your skin smelling & feeling FRESH & FRAGRANT.

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Product Description

Lala was designed to be a long lasting, light, and refreshing signature fragrance. When you first wear Lala, you'll notice the distinct citrus scents of grapefruit and bergamot (top notes). Over the next 20 - 30 minutes you'll experience the greens and floral families (middle notes) of jasmine, orchid, and green tea begin to say "Hello". An hour and a half to two hours later the floral "hello" gradually turns into "goodbye" and you'll catch the combined oriental scents of white musk and sandalwood (base notes). An hour after the base notes are present is when you'll want to reapply Lala, and enjoy the whole experience all over again!

  • Balanced scent across Fragrance Families and Notes means no one scent completely takes over leaving you with a unique blend that subtly changes during your day/night
  • Light yet Powerful fragrance that will pull impurities from deep within your pores while gently moisturizing your skin


  • Alcohol Denatured
  • Fragrance
  • Water